Take No Day For Granted

The other day I posted my thoughts and memories from the high school football games I covered last season.  As I was wrapping up that post, I couldn’t help to think how quickly time passes by and how that statement of passing time meant so little to me when I was a high school teenager.  I, like many that might read this post, know better now and appreciate those words more and more each passing day, week, month and year.

Earlier today, I happened to read a post from Matt Wogan, the recent graduate of Porter Ridge and one of the greatest (if not the greatest) high school kicker this county has ever seen. As many of you know, Matt earned a full- athletic scholarship to attend and play football for the University of Oregon. Today, Wogan posted that he is on his way to Eugene, Oregon to start a new and exciting chapter in his life.  I use Matt’s post to highlight the importance of not taking any day for granted.  What seems new and exciting today was paved on a road made up of years of hard work, sacrifice and dedication. I would guess many of those years working out were not always new and exciting.  It was almost a year to the day that I whimsically posted a story about Matt’s college visits last summer. I couldn’t help to think back how quickly time elapsed when reading Matt’s statement earlier today.

*Below is the first graphic I used last summer to highlight Matt’s travels and below that is Matt’s post from earlier today. Note the dates and click to read Matt’s statement*

This is a post not only about Matt but every high school graduate in this county and beyond that did the work and have been justly rewarded. Their time and effort was not wasted. A heartfelt thanks and congratulations should go out to these students.  The words of  thanks should also be extended to all of their  educators: teachers, coaches, parents and community that helped shaped the lives of these fine young adults. Godspeed to the Class of 2013.

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