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A Dynamic Approach- Part II

By Tim Winters, 03/16/12, 2:15PM EDT


As a parent of a student-athlete you have many options when choosing a sports training company for your child. In this second video you will hear from Mike Stricker, the Founder/President of Dynamic Performance Sports (DPS) on how his company takes a dynamic approach in terms of relating to your child and how DPS gives back to the community.

There are hundreds of high school and college athletes across this country that possess God-given ability. How many will take the extra step to refine their skills to elevate their game on and off the field? Yep, I said off the field. In this video Mike talks about how a player’s off the field relationship with parents and coaches can impact how that student-athlete performs on Friday night. Whether it’s building a House of Champions, one-on-one mentoring or the Dynamic Scholarship Fund, DPS has a playbook of success.